Due Diligence of a legal person during shares acquisition in its charter capital

Our steps

  • Evaluation of correspondence of the charter documents to the acting legislation of Russian Federation.
  • Expertise of the right-confirming documents related to the property owned by the company.
  • Evaluation of ways and terms of the charter capital formation.
  • Evaluation of the company activity. Check of concluded big transactions and related-party transactions, their correspondence with the demand of antimonopoly and currency legislation.
  • Analysis of performing of concluded agreements, following the tax and antimonopoly legislation demands.
  • Check of powers of a person signing the agreement on share transfer in the charter capital of a legal person.
  • Check of the accounts receivable and opportunity for collecting.
  • Check of employment relations in the company. Analysis of terms of employment agreements.


Due Diligence of a legal person during the shares acquisition in its charter capital has been conducted.


Due Diligence of a legal person during shares acquisition in its charter capital.

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